Monday, March 19, 2018

The true inaugural post...

Good day Internet! This is the inaugural post of my amateur radio blog.

I'm a ham radio operator and have been since 1987, when I got my Novice ticket in rural South Dakota (SD) at 14 years old. It's been a fun hobby, even though I took a break from roughly 1993-2013.

The name of the site comes from being creative with mnemonics for my US-based amateur radio call sign: KA0ZRW. See, typically it would be "Kilo Alpha Zero Zulu Romeo Whiskey". Zulu Romeo Whiskey is useful when on the air, since it's easy to understand each word and they don't sound like any other mnemonics for other letters. When I got my license when I was 14, I was looking for a way for people to remember my call easily, and after running through a few options I came up with "Zebras Running Wild". I like it because it creates an image in your mind. Kind of like when I say "don't think of rabbits", you automatically think of rabbits. :-)

I'm going to post my adventures in ham radio on this blog. If it happens to cross over into computing, information security, or other areas, I may cross post to other blogs I have. I like to keep like content on like blogs, but I'm just one person, so the thoughts are all mine, and so are the blogs!

Feel free to reach out or comment. I'm considering doing some YouTube content too, but haven't made it there yet. Trying to teach myself video editing in iMovie. If I get competent, maybe I'll end up there too.

KA0ZRW, "Zebras Running Wild"

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